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    I.ZEZE - Glam Secret
    I.ZEZE is a south Korean brand that Include two series I.ZEZE Zero Blemish Series and I.ZEZE Anyone Skin Recovery Series with one trial Kit. I.zeze get famouse around the world in a very short time due to product faster result on the skin. The product in I.ZEZE Line is IZEZE Anyone Calming Toner 150ml , IZEZE Anyone Recovery Serum 50ml, IZEZE Anyone Recovery Cream 80ml, IZEZE Anyone Calamine 6.5 Cleanser, IZEZE Anyone Miniature Care Travel Kit (4Items), IZEZE ZERO BLEMISH TONER , IZEZE ZERO BLEMISH SERUM, IZEZE ZERO BLEMISH CREAM, IZEZE ZERO BLEMISH CLEANSER, IZEZE CHARCOAL CLEANSING PUFF etc etc.
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