Total Care Serum Trial Kit (Serum 14ml * 4ea)

Dhs. 85 Dhs. 120

Product Description :
1- AHA BHA PHA MIRACLE SERUM FOR Mild Skin Trouble : The Miracle Serum of Miracle Line contain AHA, BHA, PHA that helps that helps exfoliation it cleans up unnecessary dead skin cells and waste in pores  it double lock the moisture and prevent it from escaping and keeps your skin moisturize and soothing away the trouble.
2- SNAIL TRUECICA SERUM FOR SOOTHING, IRRITATION, SENSITIVE SKIN AND ITCHY: If your skin condition suddenly change from normal to sensitive there is highly possibility that your skin barrier has weakened. Refreshing to use in any weather and in any season snail truecica serum is made with  very good combination of ingredients to restore skin barrier. Black snail and somebymi original truecica are combined to make snail truecica it contains 890,000 PPM of snail truecica to calm down a rough, sensitive skin and strengthen the skin barrier, such black snail and natural ingredients meet to quickly penetrate your sensitive skin and show a rapid soothing effect. its also completed skin hypoallergenic test so it should be better for those who has collapsed skin barrier problem.
3- SUPER MATCHA SERUM FOR PORE CARE: Matcha Serum contain 93% matcha water, Natural AHA, PHA & ANTI SEBUM P SKIN PORE CONTROLLER excellent for pore care . Double patent ingredient, anti sebum p and skin pore controller are also included. it has moderate viscosity, but a highly concentrated intensive care wash away old dead skin cells and waste in the pores making them firm and tight. Many people responded that they feel skin elasticity after they using this serum. If you wana have firm and tight pores like a baby don't forget to check the percentage of SUPER MATCHA SERUM
4- YUJA NIACIN SERUM FOR DULLNESS: Light skin but a lot of blemishes and for brightening skin we recommend using YUJA NIACIN SERUM that contains high concentration of go-heung yuja extract. Morning and Evening use twice a day. Yuja Serum completed a clinical trail for reducing blemishes, freckles and spots by using it for 4 weeks. This surprising result can be proven by survey of actual users. it contains Niacin-amid, glutathaione, arbutin and 12 vitamins which makes the brightening care safe and pure. It has a light texture that is absorbed by the skin like air and is characterized by leaving no residue, especially as soon as you apply it you will be able to feel the fresh scent of natural Yuja peel oil. if you would like to have a less blemishes and light skin don't be late to have this serum.
How to use it:
Apply a proper amount of serum according to your skin problem and pat gently for further absorption.

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