LANEIGE Homme Blue Energy DUO Set

Dhs. 299 Dhs. 499

Product Description: 
Blue gel type energy skin toner that fills clear water enrgy and calms tired skin to help start healthy and clear skin.
Key point:
  • 74.9 % of deep sea water that has been kept clean and clean in the deep sea for long time make it clear and clean skin.
  • gel type water formula reduce hand discomfort and provides a comfortable feelings.
  • soothes tired skin after shaving giving clean smooth skin.
  • upgrading youtful force
  • 4times multi function
Volume: 305 ml Toner 180ml + Eseence in lotion 125ml
How to use: 
  • In the morning and evening after cleansing, it removes an appropriate amount in palm.
  • Depending on the texture of the skin, tap it gently outwards from the inside of the face to absorb.

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