Gyeol Collagen Plus – Low Molecular Weight Collagen + Vitamin C 2g*60sticks

Dhs. 109 Dhs. 160
2g per each stick, total 60 sticks for everyday intake for two months. Fulfill
you daily required Vitamin C and collagen from just one stick, once a day. The
120mg Vitamin C functions as a cofactor of collagen synthesis in Gyeol
Collagen PLUS. Collagen is an important component of the body’s skin,
cartilage, blood vessels, bones, and hair, occupying 30~40% of the protein in
the body. Also, collagen serve as a link between cells, making up more than
70% of the dermis. The amount of collagen in our bodies starts to decrease
around mid-20s. After 40s, it decreases more rapidly leading to faster aging
process. Gyeol Collagen PLUS helps fight against aging process and revitalize
elastic skin, strong hair and healthy nails. Enjoy full collagen and Vitamin C
for your body with tasty lemon flavor. There’s no need for water to consume
Gyeol Collagen PLUS, take it whenever and wherever you want for your inner
  • Collagen and Vitamin C you need: 1000mg low molecular weight fish collagen peptides + 120mg Vitamin C in one stick
  • Necessary Vitamins and Nutrition for your body and skin: Vitamin B6,B2, Biotin, Elastin hydrolysis , Aloe vera gel powder, Hyaluronic acid, Amino acid powder, and more healthy ingredients are included in Gyeol Collagen PLUS
  • Reliable Italian origin collagen: The collagen used in Gyeol Collagen PLUS is made in collagen-specialized Italian enterprise, ITAGELATINE with strict quality control
  • A convenient and healthy life: Consume collagen easily and comfortably everyday. Live healthy and lively life through this ideal product to take collagen and vitamin at once
  • Start of Inner Beauty: Nourish and revitalize yourself with collagen. Gyeol Collagen PLUS supports wellness of your body, leading to consistent skin and consistent beauty.

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