Dear Sister

Dear Sister Water Barrier Cleansing Pad 170ml Cleansing + Moisturizing

Dhs. 75 Dhs. 150

The Dear Sister Water Barrier Cleansing Pad is a dual action cleanser and moisturizer in one. Its revolutionary formula allows for gentle cleansing while providing lasting hydration to the skin. With 170ml of product, this facial cleanser helps to maintain a healthy balance of moisture in the skin, providing a natural and refreshed look. It is completely Vegan Moisturizing Pad to protect skin and keep skin healthy.

The pad having moisturizing ingredients that prevent skin from aging by forming moisture barrier to hydrate and keep the skin hydrated.

It includes

  • Hyaluronic -  Moisturizing Skin, Moisture Maintenance, Regulation of cellular immunity, and prevention aging.
  • Ceramide - Protect Skin from external irritation and help recover from wounds and inflammation.
  • Cica complex -  a duo with a strongest moisturizing protection that form an extreme moisture barrier in an environments. 

Skin Types:

  • Acne Prone Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Sensitive Skin

Volume: 170ml

How to use: Use it AM PM in your skincare routine after bed or before sleeping.


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