BERGAMO Pure Snail Brightning Ampoule Set 13ml * 4ea

Dhs. 70 Dhs. 99
Bergamo snail Brightening Ampule consist of snail mucus is generated by combining with immune protien and sugar. Mucin Protien against harmful substances of skin and that keep your skin highly mois, Provide plenty of nutritional content in to your skin that change your skin moist and lucent. Plenty of the leaches susbtances of snail mucus that protect your skin moisture and uphold your skin balance the wholeday without stickiness.
Volume:   13ml
Benefits:  Plenty of the leached substance of Snail mucus keep your skin highly moist and lucent.
Mucin is the main ingredients old, is functional item supply plenty of moisture for dry skin,  moreover restore the skin to original condition clean & clear skin,  also be regenerated with leached substance of Snail mucus.
How to use:  After cleansing morning and evening after cleansing the skin with skin, pumped once or twice and then applied to the entire face by absorbing the proper amount.


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